Female student in residence hall at desk

Moving Out

Everyone living in a residence hall room is responsible for the condition of that room at the time of check-out. Roommates need to develop a plan together for cleaning and getting the room back to its original move-in state. Make arrangements with Housing and Food Services before finals to collect anything left in storage. There is no storage available for students who will be returning for the fall semester. All students must check out and leave the residence halls by 2:00 p.m. the day following their last final examination.

To avoid charges for damages and additional clean-up, please follow these move-out instructions:


  • Remove all personal belongings from your room.
  • Remove all decorations, stickers, and tape/putty from surfaces.
  • Clean the furniture, including the interiors of drawers, shelves, etc.
  • Clean any common areas in your room – bathrooms, hallways, study areas, etc.
  • Sweep/vacuum the floor.

Refrigerator/microwave unit.

  • Clean the entire unit inside and out.
  • Defrost refrigerator, but make sure to keep the unit plugged in and turned on.


  • Return furniture to its original location.


  • Take all trash to the dumpster.

Room inspection

  • Call the Housing and Food Services office at 610-396-6353 when everything is removed and cleaned. A staff member will come to your room to complete the checkout process.
  • Staff will inspect the room and make note of any damages.

When you are ready to check out:

A staff member will verify that all personal items have been removed and cleaned as required, complete the checkout, and collect the key. Once you complete the checkout and surrender your key, you will only be allowed in the building unless as a guest of another resident. Any student who does not return their key will be billed for a core charge. Don't put your key in U.S. mail, leave it with a friend, or leave it in your room. Room keys not returned to the Housing and Food Services office within 24 hours after a student's last final exam will be replaced. A new lock mechanism will be installed and charges will be assessed against the student account. Please check with Housing and Food Services or your RA if you have any questions about check-out.

Any charges incurred from damages or for additional cleaning will be assessed by Housing and Food Services after check-out.