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Special Living Options

Penn State Berks offers opportunities for students interested in living with others who share common interests and goals. Special Living Options (SLOs) are open to students who have an interest in one of the themes. Students interested in an SLO can request their preferred option after they've accepted their Housing and Food Services (HFS) Contract; simply log on to eLiving and choose Update Preferences from the lefthand menu. For more information about the SLOs or SLO process, contact the Housing and Food Services Office.

The following SLOs are available at Berks:

  • The Greenhouse,  located in Greenbriar,  is a selective opportunity to take an active role in engaging yourself in life at Penn State Berks through the lens of sustainability. Greenhouse seeks to enhance your knowledge of living a sustainable lifestyle and develop a purposeful group of community members. Living in the Greenhouse means committing yourself to hall meetings, planning activities aimed at increasing awareness of green issues in the Penn State Berks and local community, attending a green living course, and challenging yourself to develop a community that shares values and identity.  
  • The Healthy Living and Health Science House (HLHS), located on 4th Floor Ivy, unites students from many majors for an interdisciplinary learning experience grounded by HEALTH and YOU. The HLHS house provides students an opportunity to become engaged in all aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while bringing together a variety of interests in health sciences. Students will experience programs that provide insight into a number of dimensions of healthy living, including physical activity, mental wellness, financial wellness, and spiritual wellness and learn about the diverse career options in medicine and health-related fields.  
  • The Discover House, located in Oakmoss, is a living-learning community for first and second year students.  This house is a purposefully designed program focused on supporting students in making a successful academic and social transition to Penn State Berks. Students who participate in Discover House have increased connections with faculty and staff, opportunities to attend events that pertain directly to academic major exploration, and maximize their opportunities on campus through leadership development activities.